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Rekt Podcast is a cryptocurrency podcast hosted by Bunchu and Chamber.


Our guests discuss their introduction to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.


We discuss their cryptocurrency stories and some personal REKT stories too. The episodes are informative, funny and obviously REKT.

A pretty face and an empty hardware wallet, Bunchu has been in the cryptocurrency space since March of 2017. First introduced to Bitcoin by way of his sports betting habit, Bunchu has since spent days and nights painstakingly obsessed with the crypto market and the space as a whole. When he is not podcasting, Bunchu enjoys long walks on the beach with his fiance and reading liquidation e-mails he receives from Bitfinex. Bunchu is dedicated to bringing high quality, highly entertaining content to the crypto masses to sooth the savage beast that is REKT. 


Chamber is newest to the world of Crypto. He’s also the brainchild behind the theme for REKT Podcast. He was introduced to the space via Bitconnect but had the insight to avoid that Ponzi scheme. He subsequently went on to Rek himself by buying ALL of the shitcoins on the market. He is now the poster boy for the 2017/2018 market and provides emotional support to all those who have been REKT.